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Meet me at Hotel Ett Hem

In a quiet, elegant suburban district of Stockholm, a guest sneaks down to their hotels kitchen fridge for a cheeky slice of leftover dessert. Gasp you may, but at Hotel Ett Hem creeping to the fridge, blanket in hand, is encouraged.

Ett Hem is not your usual Hotel. It is a place where guests are treated as friends and family, a place that feels like your best friends’ house. Steeped in beautifully considered things, Ett Hems air of comfort comes from the curation of new and old, the timeless and the living.

It's where luxury resides. 


The work of British-Danish interior designer Ilse Crawford, the 12 room boutique hotel offers a beautiful, vintage take on cosy Nordic chic. Expect to see an eclectic mix of contemporary Swedish furniture, freshly upholstery lounges, wood panelling, books stacked high, leather, fur and design classics. Ett Hem is as glamorous as it is casual, but while it is luxury, it is not a luxury hotel.

During the sixties Stockholm was the Capital of Scandinavian design, synonymous with modernism and utopian design. These days, Nordic countries are devoted to something much warmer, cosier, safe yet luxe and stylish.  The purpose of Scandinavian design is to improve daily life; that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, to be shared, enjoyed and cherished.


Ett Hem was born in the early years of the 1900’s to government officials with a love for Scandinavian aesthetics, and its integration into everyday life.  Today the house is centred around the kitchen, containing a large dining table and an assortment of seating areas and nooks. The bedrooms are elegantly kitted out with all the mod cons; wood burning stoves, stone baths and elegant antique chandeliers. Enjoy relaxed chats around one of the many open fires or out back, sipping a chilled wine in their courtyard, adorn with fur throws and scattered pot plants. Ett Hem is designed with a subtle elegant patience, from a hand drawn map to bespoke copper bar, that ensures you'll never want to leave.

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