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Light it up, White it out

8 Tips and Tricks for Furnishing an Apartment

For years, experts have been telling us to fill our small spaces with mirrors, only use white white white paint and ensure your furniture is small, and we mean itsy-bitsy proportionate to small room small. And while we’re not disagreeing with most of these sentiments, we do tend to think that walls don’t always have to be white and no, your walls wont cave in if you add in that super chic decorative wall paper. You know what they say, rules are meant to be broken. Furnishing an apartment can be a bit tricky, so we’ve outlined a few confidence boosting tips below, to help you along the way.

Light it up

It’s no secret that lighting creates a feeling of space, so light it up! They set the mood and can create interest and a feeling of space. Use lamps to add a warm glow, architectural pendants to create intrigue or a feature light to define an area. Also make the most of any natural light your apartment may have. Keeping curtains the same tone as your walls and hanging them higher gives the illusion of light and space.

Mute Light

Size it up

They say to scale down your furniture to match the size of your room, but we say stop right there. Furnishing your room with a teeny-tiny sofa and wee little coffee table is just going to look strange and cramped. We say pick the pieces that you love, but just be careful how you place them, and don’t go too over board. The key is if you’re choosing larger pieces and you want to keep an element of lightness, pick items on legs that are elevated from the floor or furniture that isn’t as solid. And don’t push that couch right up to the wall, remember space creates the illusion of more space!

Shelve it up

Use shelving to create height, a sense of scale and as something to draw your eyes upwards, making your space appear larger. These days your options are endless for creative shelving, from leather slung, brass accented, built into the back of couches and creatively positioned around and above doorways. And one can never have enough storage, especially in a tighter space.

White it out

Sure, painting your whole room white is safe and can look fresh, but it’s also a little boring and not overly practical. Generally, the rule is white walls give the illusion of space, however by introducing darker tones, patterns and textures, you can give your space an amazing depth that can also allude to space. Don’t be afraid to layer textiles, use wallpaper or dark paint tones in smaller spaces or be bold with patterned upholstery. Just don’t go overboard!

Hang it up

The biggest surface area in any room are the walls, and so many of us are neglecting them. We understand that the belief is that if you deck out your walls it’ll make your room feel even thinner, but we promise you, this isn’t the case. The trick is to keep your art light in nature and steer clear of pieces that feel heavy and will encroach on your space.

Dual-purpose it 

When dealing with spaces, every inch counts. It makes sense to invest in furniture pieces that will do a double duty. Couches that transform into comfy beds, ottomans that can be used for storage and dining tables that can be extended for dinner parties. The key is to think outside the box with this one!

Layer it up

We’re instinctively drawn to cosy and cuddly spaces; we can’t help it, it makes us feel comfortable and warm. Smaller spaces often lack the depth that larger homes possess, luckily, you can make up that depth by adding a few layers into your styling. Think shadow boxes, throw rugs, layered bedding, cushions galore and varying type of materials such as metal, timber and stone. It’s also important to think about texture and contrast. Mix and match with varying materials; leather, chunky knits, cotton, velvet, and patterns. When deciding how to decorate your apartment always be mindful and considered, and remember to add in those special personal items you’ve collected over the years!

Divide it up

Breaking up rooms into purposeful spaces can often make your apartment feel like a you really own a downtown penthouse when in reality, you own a one-bedroom apartment that’s cleverly divided into functional sections. There’s a ton of simple ways to create rooms-within-rooms without clogging up your flow and chi. Try open bookshelves, large plants or even a couch positioned in an inventive fashion can magically break up a space.

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